My guarantee is simple... In under 30 days, I will save you AT LEAST 500-1000 hours per year...but, more importantly, I will save you from overwhelm. Giving you the time and mental freedom to spend on your business, or life, however you choose.

Steve Kadlec and Au Bon Bone Broth September, 2017 Ranked in Inc Magazines Fastest Growing Companies

“Tremendous value from Brad. Our company Au Bon Broth has grown over 5x the amount of people in the last year and we recently made the Inc 5000 fastest growing company list. This is in large part due to Brad’s efficiency methods and automation tools brought in. You will definitely see ROI, this is a no brainer for any business or person who wants to do more, make more, and do it with less time and effort.” – Steve Kadlec

Case Study

Candace Klein From unhealthy overwhelm to location freedom and dream job(s) Candace came to Telepo Efficiency Coaching in 2015 preparing to quit her job. ¬†She had been in the C-Suite …


Are you buried under and constantly overwhelmed with all the information you have to do, and want to do, for you and/or your teams? Incessantly thinking about everything you, or …

Efficiency/Productivity Implementation Consulting

Brad Telepo serves as Chief Operating Officer in residence with his clients, with a strategic strength in financial tooling and productivity and efficiency coaching for entrepreneurs, business owners, and teams. …