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Freedom – Efficiency
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My guarantee is simple… In under 30 days, I will save you AT LEAST 500-1000 hours per year…
but, more importantly, I will save you from overwhelm,
giving you the time and mental freedom to spend on your business, or life, however you choose.



Time Mastery

You know how you feel so overwhelmed by everything you have to do you can hardly sleep? You’re worried something will fall through the cracks?

You know how the people who love you are begging you to work less and just be with them?

I’m Brad Telepo and I’m an efficiency coach for your life and business.

I help you learn how to stop using your head to track everything you have to do SO THAT you have more time and mental energy to focus on everything that’s important to you – your job, your family, and your play time.

I create peace of mind knowing that everything you have to do is getting handled.

Tremendous value from Brad. Our company Au Bon Broth has grown over 5x the amount of people in the last year and we recently made the Inc 5000 fastest growing company list. This is in large part due to Brad’s efficiency methods and automation tools brought in. You will definitely see ROI, this is a no brainer for any business or person who wants to do more, make more, and do it with less time and effort.

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Freedom. To help time-strapped, overwhelmed entrepreneurs and small business owners and teams, and give them massive time savings, and more importantly, mental freedom and peace of mind.