Brad Telepo serves as Chief Operating Officer in residence with his clients, with a strategic strength in financial tooling and productivity and efficiency coaching for entrepreneurs, business owners, and teams. Brad started his first online retail company at the age of 22 while working construction. From bringing on his first hire at 28, Brad reached the Top 200 in Sales in the music supply and instrument industry within three years, and set industry productivity records among the Top 200. He then acquired a failing retail company in 2004 and turned it around, migrating two companies for further efficiencies and economies of scale. All the while, Brad also partnered in an internet marketing company, specializing in maximizing ROI from cost per click.

Brad has conducted ongoing studies of systems and the impact on increasing time and mental bandwidth, generating marked profits growth through operational efficiencies. As a Partner at CXO Solutions, Brad specializes in co-piloting with entrepreneurs and management teams in implementing learned and best practices to greatly increase team mental and emotional bandwidth, cost savings, and scaleability.

Why Me?

Save time, your most precious asset
“Operate your business and life from a place of peace of mind, creativity, and presence”
“Create trust and autonomy within the self, and teams”
Ease of scalability, and cross training, and sellability

Tremendous value from Brad. Our company Au Bon Broth has grown over 5x the amount of people in the last year and we recently made the Inc 5000 fastest growing company list. This is in large part due to Brad’s efficiency methods and automation tools brought in. You will definitely see ROI, this is a no brainer for any business or person who wants to do more, make more, and do it with less time and effort.

Steve K.

I felt like I was never going to work myself out of the rut I was in, and that I was stuck. And because I was in an executive position, I just couldn’t see a viable exit strategy for my situation.

Candace S.

I didn’t realize how disorganized my head could be. I was feeling overwhelmed and so I didn’t start anything. By working with the Telepo team, I was able to see how much idle time was being wasted in worry, and was able to start my day attacking the tasks that would make the biggest impact for me.

Andrew S.

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