Case Study

Case Study

Candace Klein

From unhealthy overwhelm to location freedom and dream job(s)

Candace came to Telepo Efficiency Coaching in 2015 preparing to quit her job.  She had been in the C-Suite at a VC-backed startup company for three years, was feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work, and at the same time guilty for not showing enough “face time” at the office (even by spending upwards of 60-70 hours per week in the office).  Meanwhile, she let her previously healthy lifestyle (healthy eating habits, yoga and work out schedule at least three times per week) fall to the wayside.  She was so exhausted at the end of her day that she couldn’t get to the gym.  She couldn’t bother meeting up with anyone she met on OKCupid.  She couldn’t even be bothered to meet up with friends.

She was burned out.   

“I felt like I was never going to work myself out of the rut I was in, and that I was stuck.  And because I was in an executive position, I just couldn’t see a viable exit strategy for my situation.”

Over the course of about four weeks, we were able to help Candace to take more control of her work environment by teaching her how to clear her day each day, plan for her week/month/quarter and build in time for thought, contemplation, planning and, yes, even fun.  Through incorporating a project management software (Todoist) and automating other aspects of her life that she had previously been managing manually (i.e. bill payment, toilet paper delivery, house cleaning tasks), Candace was able to get her work schedule down to 40-50 hours per week.  

Key Stats:

Compensation increase:  33%

Time in office decrease: 38%

Before (May/2014):

  • Role:  Chief Strategy Officer at VC-backed startup
  • Work schedule:  65-70 hours/week in office + travel
  • Working out less than one time per week
  • Not dating anyone (no time)
  • Cancelled most recent vacation due to work obligations

Training Received (May/2015 weeks):

  • Email clearing
  • Project management skills training
  • Ongoing coaching

After (October/2016):

  • Role:  VP of Strategy at established company
  • Compensation:  33% increase
  • Work schedule:  30-40 hours/week in office
  • Married
  • Just completed a six-month honeymoon
And in freeing up time that she would have otherwise spent on at-home tasks, she was able to work physical and social activity back into her schedule.  And yes, she was even able, within six months of training with us, to put a plan in place to quit her job.

“I had no idea how much time I was spending running in circles, or how much of my task list was swimming around inside my head.  Simply getting it out and into a manageable system was the C-Change I needed to see how much time I was wasting.  And it helped me re-prioritize the other aspects of my life that I had been ignoring.  This system literally changed the way I looked at my own world.”

Upon completing her training with our team, Candace took a much needed three-day weekend to attend a meditation and intimacy-related retreat, where she met her now husband, began traveling twice per month to see him on the East Coast, got engaged, set up a consulting practice to wean her company off of her services (while making the same compensation) and planned a six-month sabbatical with the time she freed up from officially quitting her job one year later (in May, 2016).

“When my outlook on what I wanted from my day changed, my entire world changed.  I stopped feeling so beholden to my job, and started living my life.”

Candace is now wrapping up her six-month honeymoon, and while traveling, secured her dream job with the XPrize Foundation, a company making $5 million + grants to innovators to change the world.  She’s making more money in a role that is more closely aligned with her personal mission and according to her terms (i.e. in office only 4 days per week, 6 weeks vacation per year).

“If you would have told me that this would be my life two years ago, I would have laughed at you in disbelief.  But when you are able to truly take control of your day, your week, your month, you have untold power over your own life.  I couldn’t recommend this training more.  It would be a disservice to yourself and a mistake to not make this investment.”


Philip Andrew Sjogren

Burned out business writer turns successful remote consultant


Andrew was referred to Telepo Efficiency Consulting by another client, Candace Klein, as he was planning to end his job of eight years to take an extended honeymoon.  He was working remotely from home, felt checked out of his current role and felt as if he was drifting a bit.  He couldn’t find the motivation to get outdoors or do the things he loved because he couldn’t get a plan together for himself.

He did want, however, to play a meaningful role in planning his upcoming wedding and wanted to be sure that he could prepare himself to be fully present during his planned six-month honeymoon.

“I had recently moved from Boston to the West Coast to live with my fiancé, and was having trouble finding my place.  I knew I was on my way out with my current job, and struggled to find my purpose in a new place with new people. I was feeling lethargic from a lack of physical activity, and was generally feeling stuck in paradise.”

Over the course of three weeks, we worked with Andrew to clear out his clutter of his final activities with his current job so that he could leave feeling good about the position he was leaving his company in.  We then taught him skills to schedule out his pending activities for his wedding, and helped him to re-prioritize the physical activities back into his weekly schedule.

“I didn’t realize how disorganized my head could be.  I was feeling overwhelmed and so I didn’t start anything.  By working with the Telepo team, I was able to see how much idle time was being wasted in worry, and was able to start my day attacking the tasks that would make the biggest impact for me.”


Key Stats:  

Compensation increase: 25%

Before (January/2016):

  • Role:  Senior Marketing Information Analyst for 100-year old company
  • Work Schedule:  45-50 hours/week from home
  • Not getting to the squash courts, surfing or working out in meaningful way
  • On way out of job with fewer than six months remaining

Training received (April/2016):

  • Email clearing
  • Project management training
  • Planning
  • Ongoing coaching

After (October, 2016):

  • Role:  Director of Marketing for cutting-edge new hedge fund
  • Work schedule:  20 hours/week and from abroad
  • Living and working in Bali for extended sabbatical
Six months after initially working with our team, Andrew is wrapping up his six-month honeymoon, after working sailing, trekking, farming and a yoga retreats into his trip.  He secured a higher-level role, making more money, with a company he is excited to work for.  And they have encouraged him to work from abroad.  So his days begin in Bali at 6 am, and he is free by 10am to explore his world with his new wife.“Getting out of your funk is the first and best thing you can do to open new opportunities for yourself.  And all it takes to do that is to take control of your day.  I’m light years more free and productive than I was six months ago, and credit the Telepo team for much of that success.”

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