Email Mastery Package

Email Mastery Package

The Email Mastery Package is for you if you:

  • Have hundreds to thousands of emails in your inbox.
  • Have newsletters and/or spam clogging up your inbox, and taking up your mental and physical space.  Unsubscribing all the time isn’t working, and is wasteful and stressful.
  • Using your inbox as a “hoarding” place for to-do’s, and things you’ll need for later when moving something forward. 
  • Don’t have the email client’s (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) system features setup for simple and easy processing of emails.
  • Have a giant “over-folderized” folder system that you still don’t trust, and waste time overthinking it or looking for things all over the place.  You need folder rehab.


What you’ll get in the email mastery package:

  • Eliminate and manage recurring newsletters and spam, as well as manage ones you want to see, so that only VALUABLE emails are hitting your inbox, allowing for a clean and clear “new emails” box every time.
  • Setup a folder system for to-do’s and emails to hold on to for later use, so that…
    • only new emails to be reviewed are showing up.
    • You have a reliable place and know exactly where your to-do’s and other emails are, not using your inbox as a hoarding place.
    • Find anything within seconds, instead of searching everywhere for everything.
  • Be down to inbox zero, consistently.
  • Setup the email client’s system settings, so you can save at least 50% of time in reviewing and processing new emails.
  • Setup the routines and behaviors, so you trust the entire system, and nothing falls through the cracks.
  • OWN email, instead of it owning you.


With the email mastery package, you can expect the following results:

  • Save at least 30 minutes a day = 15 hours a month = 180 hours a year
  • Save money, get monthly consistent ROI from a one time only investment, 12x recurring returns.  At $20 / hour = $300 / month = $3200 / year recurring savings per person.
  • Save the stress and overwhelm and frustration = happiness and fulfillment!
  • Spend the time and money and what really matters.


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