Ongoing Accountability Training

Ongoing Accountability Training

What is Ongoing Accountability Training?

  • Daily and weekly touch bases, to train and EMBED the new behaviors, and hold you accountable to doing them, and ongoing improvement.


Why ongoing accountability training is important:

  • This is about NEW BEHAVIORS AND HABITS.  It is hard to break old behaviors, and takes weeks to learn new ones.  The new behaviors get to be like “cement” in your world.  The worst thing you could do is spend all the money and time to learn anything, and then NOT fully implement it, thereby losing the ROI.
  • By having accountability partners, it skyrockets the commitment, success, and therefore results.  Imagine it’s just like having a workout instructor, or a group of friends you’re doing something with.  


Ongoing Accountability Training is for you if:

  • You and/or the team aren’t consistently doing the behaviors needed to change the results.  Changing a new behavior can be hard, and also met with resistance.
  • You have ongoing questions still lingering how to best implement, and why.
  • Time has passed, and you would like a brush on the skills and behaviors.
  • You have a new team member that you’d like onboarded, and trained.


What you can expect with Ongoing Accountability Training:

  • Daily touch bases regarding the clear step by step method, accountability that it has been done, feedback and questions, and ongoing improvement.
  • Weekly deeper dives with team and/or individuals for accountability, training, and ongoing improvement.


The results you can expect are:

  • The behaviors get to be like cement, embedded in your business and lifestyle.
  • Team accountability and autonomy.


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