System Tools

System Tools
Setup and training of tools to maximize team productivity. Training can be done in teams of 3.

The System Tools Consulting is for you if you:

  • Don’t have or struggle to find the right tool set to manage all of the information, including: scheduling, projects and tasks, recurring roles (THE MOST IMPORTANT, AND ALWAYS MISSED), and large amount of information to hold on to.
  • Manage a majority of the business and/or life’s scheduling and projects and to-do’s in your head.
  • Struggling to keep it all together, with information all over the place.
  • Using more than one/app tool for yourself, or different team members using different tools and apps to keep it all together.
  • Don’t have a set of best practices and agreement and routines/behaviors to keep it all together.  Especially for a team, thereby having different people on different pages, wasting tons of time and energy.


What you’ll get with the System Tools Consulting Package:

  • Have a full tool set, that is free, and simple to use, and know the best practices and for each tool, so you clearly know what information goes where.
  • Have the routines to keep all the information in all the different tools together, so nothing gets lost, trusting you and/or your teams are always on the same page.


Sign up for a free consult.  Click the button to fill out the form, so we can audit your current time management activities, and areas of opportunity to save you time and stress.  After you fill out the form, it will take you to the scheduler to setup your free consult and discuss our audit.