My GUARANTEE is simple…

In under 30 days, I will save you AT LEAST 500-1000 hours per year…
but, more importantly, I will save you from overwhelm.

Giving you the time and mental freedom to spend on your business, or life, however you choose, when you choose.

FREEDOM. Period.
Massive time savings: Time freedom and flexibility.
Mental freedom: total control and peace of mind.

Are you buried under and constantly overwhelmed with all the information you have to do, and want to do, for you and/or your teams?

Incessantly thinking about everything you, or your team, have to do all day?
Constantly trying out new tools and apps for productivity and efficiency, thinking that is the solution?!

  • Facts: as a result of implementing the right tools and system routines about 15 years ago, over the past DECADE, our online and retail companies have experienced….
    • companies ranked in the Top 200 in Sales
    • set a growth record for the industry AFTER already being in the Top 200 in sales
    • ranked in the Top 200 Productivity by Employee
    • countless dealer of the year awards
  • All the while, I (most importantly) have experienced….
    • have had total time and location freedom for 12 years.  Companies are in Denver, I live in San Diego.  Over 95% of my hours are when I choose to work.
    • only seen the company twice in the past 12 years.  (I can be away for long periods of time, while having the right checklists in place)
    • for the past 5 years, out of the country for at least 80 days every year.  (Mixing in the joy of location freedom, while still keeping in touch and being productive)
    • getting my required job to 5 hours per week max. (Working ON the business, not IN the business, at my discretionary pace)
    • total chill and presence, peace of mind, trust, and control.  Massive confidence at whatever comes at me with biz and life, I have the system to most effectively and efficiency handle it.  (Emotional system still a work in progress, ha.  But a solid system exponentially expands your mental bandwidth to handle it.)
    • mind massively used for creativity and vision, instead of using to remember everything I’m committed to doing.

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